Jaguars' Gardner Minshew to return to starting lineup in Week 15

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Jaguars' Gardner Minshew to return to starting lineup in Week 15

The Jacksonville Jaguars have dropped 12 consecutive games and head coach Doug Marrone has announced that Gardner Minshew will make his return as the starting quarterback this Sunday when the team meets the Baltimore Ravens.

Minshew, who suffered a thumb injury in late-October, was replaced by Mike Glennon in the starting lineup but the 31-year-old veteran didn't impress in the couple of games he started for the Jaguars. Minshew was eligible to return to the starting lineup in Week 12 but coach Marrone decided to roll with Glennon as the starting quarterback.

This past Sunday, the Jaguars suffered yet another humiliating loss as the Tennessee Titans thrashed them 31-10. Marrone obviously wasn't happy with the way Glennon performed against the Titans so he has decided to give another chance to Minshew.

However, Minshew's job as the starting quarterback is far from secured as the 24-year-old will have to perform well if he wants to start beyond Week 15.

Marrone hopes Minshew will help the Jaguars get a win

"I told those guys you've got to be ready," coach Marrone said, per ESPN.

"If someone gets in there and is playing well, hey, that's great, right? That means things are going well and we've got a chance to win a football game. If you go in there and you're struggling to a certain extent where you're not able to come back from them, then we've got to do something there.

But that's not the only position that we've talked about where we've got to do [something] to help ourselves. "Hey, am I looking to make a quick hook? Obviously not. I want someone to go in there and give us a chance to win and get the guys around them to play better.

That was my main focus when I spoke to those quarterbacks today." Minshew was cleared to return to the field in Week 12 and he "begged" Marrone to give him a shot but the head coach went with Glennon. "It's so frustrating," Minshew said last week.

"I pretty much went and begged before the Cleveland game to be able to play. It sucks, you know, There's no way around it. "I want to be out there. I want to be helping our team, but if helping our team is me being the best No. 2 I can be then that's what I've got to do right now."