Bryce Young Discusses Panthers' Team Accountability

Panthers Navigate Rocky Terrain in Young's Debut Season

by Zain ul Abedin
Bryce Young Discusses Panthers' Team Accountability
© Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Bryce Young, the rookie quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, has encountered a challenging start to his NFL career, contrasting sharply with the early triumphs of his counterpart, C.J. Stroud of the Houston Texans. This disparity has cast a shadow over the Panthers' performance this season.

The team's lackluster results led to the dismissal of head coach Frank Reich last week. Although Reich wasn't solely responsible for the team's struggles, the lack of tangible success under his leadership after 11 games prompted Panthers owner David Tepper to seek a new direction.

This decision places Young in the position of navigating his inaugural NFL season under an interim coaching staff. Young, a former standout at Alabama, acknowledges the steep learning curve in the NFL and admits his performance played a part in Reich's departure.

"We all share in that," Young stated, emphasizing collective responsibility for the team's shortcomings and expressing regret over Reich's firing. Reich's tenure was marked by inconsistency, particularly in his approach to play-calling duties, which he alternated between personally handling and delegating to offensive coordinator Thomas Brown.

Despite these changes, the team's offensive performance continued to disappoint, with Young's development as a franchise quarterback appearing stagnant.

Challenges Beyond Coaching

The Panthers' issues extend beyond coaching.

The team's offensive line has been a particular concern, allowing Young to be sacked 40 times - the second-highest in the NFL. Additionally, the receiving corps has underperformed, further hindering Young's progress. General Manager Scott Fitterer faces the challenge of improving the roster, having already invested heavily in the offensive line and in securing Young's draft selection.

However, given the roster's current state, a quick turnaround seems unlikely. Meanwhile, Young is processing the loss of his first NFL coach, an experience he describes as complex due to the strong bonds formed within the team.

"It's a harsh reality of the business," he said, reflecting on the personal impact of such changes. Concerns linger over Young's development, particularly in light of Stroud's success in Houston, raising questions about Carolina's decision to draft Young first overall.

However, Tepper remains confident in Young, emphasizing his belief in the quarterback's potential. The task now falls to Tepper to find the right coach to guide Young and the Panthers forward. As the team navigates these changes, Young remains hopeful, noting, "Of course, things will look a little different.

But I believe in everyone here." Time will determine the effectiveness of these adjustments and the future trajectory of Young's career.