Trump Criticized for SC/Clemson Football Game Appearance

Columnist Dissects Trump's Tactics at Recent Football Game.

by Nouman Rasool
Trump Criticized for SC/Clemson Football Game Appearance
© Sean Rayford/Getty Images

In a scathing critique published in South Carolina's "The State," columnist Isaac Bailey lambasted former President Donald Trump's recent appearance at the South Carolina/Clemson football game. The event, which Bailey likened to a "quasi-religious holiday" in the Palmetto State, was marred by what he described as the "stench" of Trump's presence.

Bailey's column, which appeared on Sunday, did not mince words in its condemnation of Trump, whom he labeled as a "91-time indicted and credibly-accused sexual abuser." The columnist's ire extended beyond Trump to include South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster, who accompanied Trump at the game.

Bailey accused McMaster of lacking integrity, suggesting that shame was not a sentiment the governor was capable of feeling. The University of South Carolina also came under fire in Bailey's piece. He criticized the institution for yielding to what he perceived as the compromised positions of both Governor McMaster and Trump.

Bailey argued that those responsible for allowing Trump's appearance at the game demonstrated a profound lack of decency, suggesting they were more likely to be rewarded than reprimanded for their actions.

Trump's Avoidance Strategy

Bailey also highlighted Trump's decision to attend the football game while simultaneously avoiding a debate stage with former Governor Nikki Haley, who is also vying for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

He interpreted this as a sign of Trump's cowardice, contrasting it with Haley's team's victory at the football game and her political triumph over Trump. The columnist concluded his piece by asserting that Trump's appearance in Columbia was an act of political weakness.

He accused McMaster and others of treating Trump like an emperor, while in reality, Trump was exposed as nothing more than a "naked coward's bully." Bailey's words paint a picture of a political landscape where those in power are willing to overlook the flaws and failings of figures like Trump, to the detriment of public integrity and democratic values.