Miami Dolphins' Jaelan Phillips Injured, Blame MetLife Stadium Turf

Dolphins face adversity amid growing turf safety concerns.

by Nouman Rasool
Miami Dolphins' Jaelan Phillips Injured, Blame MetLife Stadium Turf
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In a significant development reigniting debates over the safety of artificial turf, Miami Dolphins pass rusher Jaelan Phillips suffered what appears to be a severe Achilles tendon tear during the NFL’s inaugural Black Friday game at MetLife Stadium.

This incident has amplified calls for the NFL to reassess the use of synthetic playing surfaces, particularly at MetLife Stadium, a venue increasingly scrutinized for its turf-related injuries.

The distressing scene unfolded as Phillips, a key defensive player for the Dolphins, was executing a pass rush.

His right calf visibly rippled, an alarming indication of an Achilles injury, potentially a tear. This latest incident at MetLife Stadium, a venue shared by the New York Giants and New York Jets, has raised serious concerns, especially since the stadium had replaced its controversial turf this past offseason.

Players and experts have long debated the safety of artificial turf, with many arguing that cleats tend to adhere more to synthetic surfaces than to natural grass. This increased traction is believed to elevate the risk of injuries.

The NFL Players Association has been vocal in its opposition to artificial turf, advocating for a return to natural grass.

Dolphins Unite for Change

The injury to Phillips, who was seen leaving MetLife Stadium on crutches and wearing a walking boot, has seemingly galvanized the Dolphins players in support of this cause.

Raheem Mostert, Dolphins running back, expressed his frustration postgame, citing Phillips' injury and referencing a previous incident involving Aaron Rodgers. He emphasized the need for urgent action to address the problematic playing surfaces.

Dolphins safety Jevon Holland offered a more direct critique, recalling a similar injury to his colleague Jamal Perry at MetLife Stadium in his rookie year. Holland highlighted the increased risk of injuries associated with artificial turf, bluntly describing the field as "trash." While Phillips is scheduled for additional tests to confirm the extent of his injury, the sentiment within the Dolphins camp is one of resignation, bracing for his absence for the remainder of the season.

Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel expressed his concerns postgame, acknowledging the grim outlook of Phillips’ situation while also commending his resilience and positive mindset in the face of adversity.

This incident not only casts a shadow over the Dolphins' campaign but also brings to the forefront an ongoing debate about player safety and the choice of playing surfaces in the NFL.

With increasing incidents of serious injuries on artificial turf, the league faces growing pressure to reevaluate its stance and prioritize the well-being of its players.

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