De'Von Achane's Status for Dolphins vs Jets, Week 12

Achane Faces Setback in Season After Knee Injury

by Nouman Rasool
De'Von Achane's Status for Dolphins vs Jets, Week 12
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Miami Dolphins' rising star De'Von Achane, a rookie who has been compared to Saquon Barkley due to his impressive start, is currently sidelined. Achane, a Texas A&M graduate, has been grappling with an injury sustained in a game against the New York Giants, which has significantly limited his time on the field.

NFL insider Tom Pelissero reports that Achane is unlikely to participate in the upcoming game against the New York Jets. The Dolphins' management, prioritizing his long-term health, has decided to give Achane additional recovery time.

This decision suggests a shift in the Dolphins' offensive strategy, with a greater reliance expected on Raheem Mostert's rushing capabilities.

Achane's Brief Week 11 Return

Achane's journey this season has been challenging.

He made a comeback in Week 11 against the Las Vegas Raiders after a prolonged absence. However, this return was brief, as he re-injured his knee early in the game. The severity of this knee injury, which initially occurred earlier in the season, had previously landed Achane on the injured reserve list, resulting in a five-week absence.

The frequency of Achane’s injuries this season is noteworthy, especially for a running back. The Dolphins, therefore, are taking a cautious approach, especially considering their strong position for the postseason. Head coach Mike McDaniel’s decision to rest Achane for an additional week is a strategic move, focusing on his long-term contribution to the team.

In Achane's absence, the Dolphins' ground game is expected to lean heavily on Raheem Mostert. Mostert, set to be the primary running back, will likely be supported by Jeff Wilson Jr. and Darrynton Evans. The Dolphins, who lead the league in total yards per game, face a formidable Jets defense known for its pass defense prowess, making the rush offense a crucial aspect of this matchup.

Achane’s brief yet impactful stint this season has been impressive. His stats include 461 rushing yards and five rushing touchdowns from just 39 carries in five games, complemented by 71 receiving yards and two receiving touchdowns.

His partnership with Mostert has been a significant factor in the Dolphins' offensive success. This news, relevant to NFL enthusiasts and fantasy football players, highlights the dynamic and often unpredictable nature of professional football, where player health and team strategy play pivotal roles in shaping the course of the season.

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