NFL Breaks Tradition with Black Friday Game on Amazon Prime Video

Although the match is not in a popular time slot, this represents a nice start to something new and positive

by Sededin Dedovic
NFL Breaks Tradition with Black Friday Game on Amazon Prime Video
© Michael Reaves / Getty Images

For the first time in NFL history, a Black Friday game will be played the day after Thanksgiving. The New York Jets and Miami Dolphins will meet in a matchup that will go down in history thanks to the tech giant Amazon. Amazon paid for the exclusive rights to broadcast the match on its video platform with only one goal - to keep potential customers at home and buy online, that is, on Amazon.

Last year, the company had the most successful sales weekend in its history from "Black Friday" to "Cyber Monday", and during those four days it recorded more than a billion dollars in sales. In order to surpass that success, Amazon has estimated that it is worth giving the NFL 100 million to increase the number of potential customers, who will stay at home and shop online instead of going to stores and take advantage of Black Friday discounts there.

, which is common in the US on this day.

A match in an unpopular time slot

However, the duel between the Jets and the Dolphins will be played in the not so popular time slot of 15:00 in the afternoon. The reason is simple, the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961 prohibits NFL games on Fridays after 6pm and Saturdays during the fall to protect high school and college football from declining attendance and ratings.

But Amazon offered the NFL 100 million, so they decided that the game would start at 3 p.m., and the fact that it will end a little after 6 p.m. does not violate the aforementioned law. Although it is a huge sum, the calculation of this company is clear: The average viewership for Thanksgiving Day games is as high as 33.5 million (2022).

By comparison, the average viewership for NBA games during Christmas last year was 4.27 million. And then there's the ad revenue, as a 30-second ad during Thursday night games, which Amazon also owns the rights to, is $440,000.

For "Black Friday", for 30 seconds of advertising during an NFL game, twice as much money will have to be allocated - 880,000. There is no doubt that Black Friday NFL games could become a tradition. NFL teams are already considering the possibility of Amazon being a permanent "host".