Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy on 3/9 record: Not where we intended to be

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Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy on 3/9 record: Not where we intended to be

Dallas Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy has acknowledged that the team isn't where it wants to be and they are determined to turn the things around and start winning football games. McCarthy, who signed a five-year deal with the Cowboys in January, hasn't enjoyed a great first season in Dallas as his team is standing at 3-9 after the 12 games of the season.

The Cowboys will likely miss the playoffs as they are sitting on the last place of the NFC East Division. "It's definitely a challenge. We're all in this to win. Make no mistake about it. No one is happy," McCarthy said.

"No one likes where we are today. But I think to a man everybody sees the opportunity to continue to build. We still have a number of opportunities in front of us. With that, my focus has always been about improving. We definitely need to improve.

"This has been a hard stretch. And it's just really the stretch has been difficult because the number of challenges that everybody in this league goes through. We're just not doing as well as we'd like with the multiple challenges that we've had.

I'm glad to be a Dallas Cowboy. I love it here. This is a phenomenal opportunity. Make no mistake about it. This is not where we intended to be. This is not where we're going to stay."

McCarthy insists better days ahead for the Cowboys

The Cowboys haven't been playing great season but it should be noted that injuries to several key players -- including a season-ending injury to starting quarterback Dak Prescott -- played a big part in them having a bad year.

The Cowboys entered this season with Super Bowl aspirations but it's clear they won't be making the Super Bowl this season. "There's no doubt that you have to continue to look at everything and be honest about it," McCarthy said.

"I think it goes back to the preparation of a football team. How did you set your schematic schedule in the limited time that we had? Just the anticipation of the changes. Frankly, I don't think any of us anticipated the amount of it.

Are we handling it properly? Did we adjust in midstream as good as we can? So I think, like anything, times like this can confirm what I believe in. "I do believe that we will be much better from this experience and all this adversity is happening for a reason, and from adversity and negative experiences, obviously you have a great opportunity to learn and increase your instincts and your awareness. And I feel that our program and our team will be better for this moving forward. It can't happen quick enough."