Dalton Kincaid: Bills New Playmaking Star for Josh Allen

Rookie Kincaid's Impact Rises Amidst Bills' Offensive Evolution.

by Nouman Rasool
Dalton Kincaid: Bills New Playmaking Star for Josh Allen
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In an electrifying display of athleticism and team synergy, Buffalo Bills' rookie tight end Dalton Kincaid showcased his burgeoning talent in a recent game against the New York Jets. Kincaid's pivotal role was evident as he supported wide receiver Khalil Shakir in a remarkable 81-yard touchdown.

His strategic block against Jets cornerback Sauce Gardner created a domino effect, facilitating Shakir's sprint to the end zone and amplifying the Bills' lead. This moment encapsulates the Bills' current trajectory in the NFL, as they navigate through a challenging schedule with the highest strength of remaining games, according to ESPN Analytics.

Josh Allen, the Bills' quarterback, acknowledged Kincaid's vital contribution, noting his consistent presence where action unfolds. Allen's commendation underscores Kincaid's growing significance in the team's offense. The Bills' decision to trade up and select Kincaid as the 25th overall pick is proving astute.

Over the last five games, Kincaid has amassed 35 receptions for 318 yards and two touchdowns, emerging as a reliable No. 2 pass-catcher. This performance is particularly noteworthy amidst the team's offensive adjustments following the recent dismissal of coordinator Ken Dorsey.

Head coach Sean McDermott lauds Kincaid, likening his impact to notable tight ends he's worked with in the past, such as Greg Olsen and Chad Lewis. McDermott appreciates the security a tight end like Kincaid provides, particularly in challenging mid-field plays.

Brandon Beane, the Bills' general manager, had initially praised Kincaid for his "elite hands" and route-running prowess. His addition was strategized to enhance the Bills' 12 personnel formations alongside tight end Dawson Knox.

Despite Knox's recent absence due to injury, Kincaid has thrived, setting team records for a rookie tight end with 51 receptions and achieving a series of five games with five or more receptions.

Kincaid's Rookie Journey

Kincaid's integration into the Bills' offense has not been without challenges, including a notable fumble against the Bengals.

However, Knox, sidelined with an injury, has been instrumental in mentoring Kincaid, helping him navigate the highs and lows of a rookie season. As Kincaid continues to play a substantial role in the team's strategy, questions arise about Knox's reintegration into the offense.

Coach McDermott acknowledges this dilemma, emphasizing Kincaid's indispensable role and the potential benefits of reinstating the 12 personnel strategy. Kincaid's rapport with Allen is a promising aspect for the Bills, suggesting a dynamic partnership that could shape the team's future.

As McDermott puts it, Kincaid's professionalism and dedication are evident, contributing significantly to his on-field successes. The Bills' strategic use of their tight ends, particularly in Kincaid's evolving role, will be a critical factor in their pursuit of success in the fiercely competitive NFL landscape.

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