Seahawks' Shaquill Griffin: We took Giants lightly

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Seahawks' Shaquill Griffin: We took Giants lightly

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Shaquill Griffin admitted his team took the New York Giants for granted in Week 13 and that was the main reason why they suffered an upset loss. The Seahawks, who entered Week 13 as the big favorites to beat the Giants, suffered a 17-12 loss to the Giants -- one of the biggest upsets of the season.

The Seahawks entered Week 13 with a 5-0 home record on the season, while the Giants were without their starting quarterback Daniel Jones and star running back Saquon Barkley. The odds were stacked against the Giants but Colt McCoy -- who entered Week 13 without a win as a starting quarterback since 2014 -- led the Giants to an upset win.

"Everybody is locking back in," Griffin said, per ESPN. "We've always been practicing hard. I just feel like we let that game kind of get the best of us, and we came in taking a team lightly. That's just being totally honest.

In this league, you can lose to anybody. It don't matter who it is. It don't matter if they lost every single game. You can lose to anybody in this league if you don't play right. And I feel like we took that game lightly, and I feel like the focus point now is just refocusing, treating every team the same, treating it like a championship game like we continue to preach about."

Griffin says the Seahawks have moved on

The Seahawks reflected on the loss to the Giants during their team meeting and now they are looking forward to their Week 14 matchup. "We came in that Monday, and we spoke about the game and mistakes that we made and tried to correct it," Griffin said.

"But understand that that team was not supposed to beat us. Let's just be totally honest. They was not supposed to win that game, and we had to live with that. That's a taste in our mouths that no one never wants. ...

"We don't want to feel like this anymore. So that's why it was so great for us to go ahead and attack that head-on, attack the elephant that's in the room and understand that we took this team lightly, a team that was ready to play, that's got a lot on the line, that's still got a chance to be in the playoffs." This Sunday, the Seahawks host the New York Jets, who are 0-12.