Cardinals Kyler Murray: We are not too far off from turning corner offensively

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Cardinals Kyler Murray: We are not too far off from turning corner offensively

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray insists there is no need to panic as he believes his team is not far off from turning the corner and rediscovering their form on the offense from the early season. The Cardinals dropped from first to sixth in total offense in the past two weeks and they have won just one of their last five games after starting the season 5-2.

This past Sunday, the Cardinals scored 28 points against the Los Angeles Rams but it wasn't enough as the guests from Los Angeles scored 38 points to claim the win. Just over two minutes left to play in the game, the Cardinals scored a touchdown to reduce the deficit to 10 points but it was too late for a comeback.

"Obviously, as bad as it felt in the first half, we lost the game by 10 points," Murray said of Arizona's 38-28 loss to Los Angeles, per ESPN. "A lot of these games, we're right there, it's just a couple things don't go our way or we put pressure on ourselves.

"We make it harder than it has to be. If we just simplify these games, it's pretty simple in itself, but at the same time it's hard to execute at this level. But I'm not worried about the pressure or anything like that."

Murray says the Cardinals have got to execute better

Murray completed 21-of-31 of his passes against the Rams, threw three touchdowns and one interception. Murray, who was having an MVP year before the Cardinals dropped four of their last five games, believes the team just needs good practice reps and everything will be fine.

"I'm being serious when I say we've just got to go back to practice," Murray said. "We've got to be better each and every day. We've got to execute better. We've got to pay more attention to details."

Murray hasn't been playing especially great over the last few weeks but he insists he is not concerned by the critics and doubters. "I don't listen to outsiders," Murray said. "None of this affects me.

I understand what's going to happen inside those lines, prepare for the worst. I'm not tripping over it. With the good and the bad, I understand what's going to happen. I'm not really too worried about it."

The Cardinals will be aiming to end their three-game losing streak this Sundan when they take on the New York on the road.