Analyst Criticizes Steelers Kenny Pickett, Draws Zach Wilson Comparison

Steelers Navigate Complex Season Amid Offensive Challenges.

by Nouman Rasool
Analyst Criticizes Steelers Kenny Pickett, Draws Zach Wilson Comparison
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In the cutthroat arena of the NFL, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett is navigating a challenging rookie season, marked by a blend of modest statistics and critical victories. Pickett's performance, while not dazzling in the statistical realm, has been integral in steering the Steelers to a respectable 6-3 record, largely attributed to his low turnover rate and Pittsburgh's defense's knack for creating turnovers.

Pickett, unfazed by the scrutiny over his stats, maintains a victory-focused mindset. "You’ve got to win at all costs in this game," he asserts. "That’s all I truly care about. As long as we’re getting the wins, I’m okay with that.

I sleep good with getting a win." This team-centric philosophy echoes the ethos of Steelers' coaching, historically known for prioritizing wins over individual accolades. Despite the team's success, analysts like Peter King remain skeptical of Pickett's contributions, drawing parallels between him and New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson.

"Kenny Pickett in his last six games has thrown just two touchdown passes," King observed, questioning how the Steelers continue to win with such modest quarterback play. Pickett's 2.4% touchdown percentage stands as one of the lowest in the modern NFL era, raising concerns about his capacity to elevate the team's offensive prowess.

Play-Calling Controversy

However, it's not solely on Pickett's shoulders. Offensive Coordinator Matt Canada's play-calling has been a point of contention, with some of the passing game concepts leaving analysts and fans puzzled.

While Pickett has indeed shown signs of struggle, missing some schemed plays, the complexity of Canada's playbook adds a layer of difficulty to the rookie's adjustment to the NFL. Pickett's 2023 season thus far has been a mosaic of clutch plays and concerning indicators.

Sunday's game highlighted some of these issues, including a crucial missed catch by Johnson in the fourth quarter that underscored Pickett's ongoing challenges. Despite these struggles, the Steelers continue to find ways to win, leaning on a formidable defense and a quarterback who, despite criticisms, remains focused on the ultimate goal: victory.

As the season progresses, Pickett's development will be crucial in determining whether the Steelers can maintain their winning trajectory amidst the growing pains of their rookie quarterback.

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