Jason Kelce Focused on Chiefs Rematch, Family Rivalry

Jason Kelce doesn't think about the loss to Philadelphia at all last season, he's very motivated to beat his brother

by Sededin Dedovic
Jason Kelce Focused on Chiefs Rematch, Family Rivalry
© Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

Despite the lingering sting of last Super Bowl's defeat against the Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce maintains a steadfast focus on securing victory in their upcoming rematch. Rather than dwelling on past losses, Kelce draws motivation from a deep-seated desire to prove his mettle against his own brother, Travis, a standout tight end for the Chiefs.

"I'm motivated to win," Kelce declared, emphasizing that the memory of the Super Bowl loss serves as no more than a backdrop to his unwavering determination. "I don't need the Super Bowl to motivate me to beat my brother or Andy Reid [the Chiefs' head coach and former Eagles coach].

I've never beaten them in my career. That motivates me more than anything else." Kelce's competitive spirit extends beyond the confines of the football field, fueled by a sibling rivalry that dates back to their shared days at the University of Cincinnati.

"I've beaten him enough in his life that I think I will still be happy," Kelce joked, acknowledging the lighthearted nature of their off-field rivalry. However, he remains resolute in his pursuit of an on-field victory against his brother.

Jason Kelce is very motivated to win and is not thinking about last year's superbowl at all

While the specter of the Super Bowl loss looms large, Kelce maintains a clear-eyed perspective on the significance of the upcoming game.

"I don't believe in revenge for losing the Super Bowl," he asserted. "Every season is different. This team is not the same, that team's not the same. Nothing that happens on Monday night is going to at all change or make anything different about what happened last year." As the Eagles prepare to face off against the Chiefs in Kansas City, Kelce's unwavering determination serves as a beacon of inspiration for his teammates.

His refusal to be consumed by past defeats and his unwavering focus on the present moment embody the resilience and resolve that characterize the Philadelphia Eagles organization.