John Harbaugh Critiques Logan Wilson Hip-Drop Tackle on Mark Andrews

Ravens Face Injury Woes, Coach Calls for Review.

by Nouman Rasool
John Harbaugh Critiques Logan Wilson Hip-Drop Tackle on Mark Andrews
© Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

In a recent Thursday night game, the Baltimore Ravens suffered a significant loss with tight end Mark Andrews incurring a severe ankle injury, which led to an outpour of concern and scrutiny within the NFL community. Ravens' coach John Harbaugh voiced strong objections over the tackling technique Bengals linebacker Logan Wilson used, which he believes contributed to Andrews' injury.

The contentious move in question was the hip-drop tackle. This method remains legal in the NFL but has sparked debate regarding its safety. Wilson's execution of this tackle caught Andrews from behind, resulting in his lower left leg being trapped under Wilson's body.

This incident has sidelined a key player for the Ravens and has reignited discussions about the appropriateness of specific defensive strategies in the league.

Harbaugh Questions Tackling Tactics

Harbaugh highlighted a similar instance where Wilson employed this technique against Ravens' quarterback Lamar Jackson near the sideline.

He indicated that the team intends to submit these plays for review to the NFL office, questioning the necessity and safety of such tactics. "It's a tough tackle," Harbaugh remarked, emphasizing the need for the league to scrutinize and interpret these actions.

The controversy around the hip-drop tackle isn't new. Some rugby leagues have banned it, defining it as a maneuver where a defender grasps the ball carrier and then swings or rotates, dropping his body weight onto the carrier's legs.

The NFL has considered similar measures, yet, as of now, the tackle remains a legal move in American football. The stance of the NFL Players Association complicates the matter further. They argue that prohibiting the hip-drop tackle would place defenders in a challenging position, potentially limiting their ability to make plays effectively.

Despite ongoing discussions, there hasn't been a consensus or a clear definition of what constitutes a hip-drop tackle that has garnered widespread support from players and teams. This incident raises questions about the safety and integrity of specific defensive techniques.

It underscores the ongoing tension between maintaining the physicality of football and ensuring the well-being of its players. As the NFL continues to evaluate its rules and player safety protocols, the debate over the hip-drop tackle and its place in the game remains a pivotal point of contention in the league.