Baltimore beat Cincinnati in the derby but "lost" an important player

Baltimore ended up paying dearly for the victory

by Sededin Dedovic
Baltimore beat Cincinnati in the derby but "lost" an important player
© Patrick Smith / Getty Images

Lamar Jackson exhibited sheer determination as he clenched his teeth and persevered on the field during a heated divisional clash, a fiery encounter against arch-rival Joe Barrow. In a twist of fate, Jackson's resilience stood in stark contrast to Barrow's inability to endure.

This resilience ultimately proved to be the game-changer. The Baltimore Ravens triumphed over the Cincinnati Bengals for the second time in the season, securing a commanding 34-20 victory that left their opponents languishing at the bottom of the AFC North.

The showdown unfolded as the curtain-raiser for a pivotal NFL weekend. Jackson, despite grappling with a severe ankle injury, chose to remain on the field, a decision that spoke volumes about his commitment to the team. On the opposing side, Joe Barrow attempted to emulate Jackson's grit but found himself thwarted by a troublesome throwing hand injury.

The hosts skillfully exploited Barrow's predicament, turning the tide of the game in their favor. As Barrow exited the field, Jackson seized the opportunity, orchestrating two touchdown passes during the second quarter. This scoring spree not only established a crucial lead but also virtually secured the Ravens' eighth victory in 11 games this season, leaving the Bengals with a 5-5 record.

However, the taste of triumph for the Ravens was bitter. Tight end Mark Andrews, a key player in their offensive lineup, suffered an even more severe ankle injury than Jackson. His season came to an abrupt end, leaving a void in the team that would be challenging to fill.

Reflecting on the loss of Andrews, Jackson expressed the emotional impact, stating, “A heavy blow, that's my brother. He's often my primary target,” emphasizing the significant role Andrews played in the team's strategies.

Looking ahead, the Bengals regroup to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in another high-stakes AFC North derby on home turf. Meanwhile, the Ravens embark on a journey westward, preparing to host the Chargers in a crucial matchup in Los Angeles. The aftermath of this riveting encounter promises to reverberate through the remainder of the NFL season.