Cost Estimate of Patrick Mahomes Lucky Game-Day Underwear

Exploring the Unique Rituals of NFL Stars

by Nouman Rasool
Cost Estimate of Patrick Mahomes Lucky Game-Day Underwear
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Patrick Mahomes, the celebrated quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, is known not just for his exceptional skills on the football field but also for a unique game-day superstition. In an interesting revelation to the Manning brothers, Mahomes shared that he dons a particular pair of underwear for every Chiefs game, believing them to be his lucky charm.

This peculiar habit has caught the attention of fans and media alike, sparking curiosity about the cost of such a lucky garment.

Mahomes' Modest Superstition

In a world where athletes often engage in various rituals and superstitions, Mahomes' choice stands out for its simplicity and affordability.

The quarterback clarified that he only wears these lucky undergarments on game days, ensuring that they stay in good condition and meet hygienic standards. As for the cost, these aren't your high-end designer briefs. The underwear, named "Always In Motion Boxer 5″," comes from Lululemon Athletica, a Canadian-American athleisure retailer, priced at a modest $28.

This is only slightly above the average cost of underwear in the United States, as reported by multiple sources. Given Mahomes' impressive net worth, estimated at around $70 million, it's intriguing that he hasn't opted to replace or replicate this lucky charm.

Perhaps it's the superstition itself that holds value, or maybe it's the comfort and familiarity of the specific pair. Whatever the reason, fans looking to emulate Mahomes' game-day ritual can easily do so without straining their wallets.

NFL players' superstitions are as varied as they are interesting. Former Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly, for instance, would indulge in a hearty meal of roasted chicken before his games, while Brian Urlacher, the legendary linebacker for the Chicago Bears, had a sweeter ritual of enjoying chocolate cookies given by former Bears’ trainer Tim Bream.

Another notable mention is Cam Newton, former quarterback for the Panthers, who had a penchant for a specific pregame shoe from Under Armour, not for its functionality but for its striking color patterns. While Newton's choice might be pricier than Mahomes' $28 lucky charm, it highlights the diverse and often personal nature of these superstitions among NFL players.

Mahomes' quirky ritual not only adds a touch of human interest to the sports world but also shows how even small, everyday items can take on significant meaning in the high-stakes world of professional sports.

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