He Doesn't Wash His Underwear: Patrick Mahomes' Lucky Underwear

Two-time Super Bowl champion, two-time Super Bowl MVP, and two-time NFL MVP, all with one pair of underpants!

by Sededin Dedovic
He Doesn't Wash His Underwear: Patrick Mahomes' Lucky Underwear
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In a surprising revelation, one of the NFL's most prominent superstars, Patrick Mahomes, recently disclosed a rather peculiar detail about his game-day routine – he has been donning the same underwear for every match throughout his career in the league.

Given that Mahomes has been a key player for the Kansas City Chiefs since his debut in 2017, this unique habit has persisted through numerous games and seasons. The discovery of Mahomes' quirky tradition was first made public by Chad Henne, the long-serving backup quarterback for Kansas City.

Henne, a two-time Super Bowl champion in his role as Mahomes' understudy from 2018 to the present, shared this intriguing tidbit in February, suggesting that Mahomes adheres to this superstition for good luck. Confirming the authenticity of this revelation, Mahomes himself acknowledged the ritual during a visit with the renowned Manning brothers, Peyton and Eli.

According to Mahomes, his wife Brittany initially bought him a pair of underwear that he found particularly comfortable, and since then, he has consistently sported them during games. Mahomes humorously explained, "My wife Brittany got them for me first, so I'm not kidding you, I have to wear them.

When I wore them in my first season, we had pretty good results. So now I only wear them to games, and they don't get much wear. It's not dirty underwear; I'm washing it." However, the frequency of washing is dictated by the team's performance, as Mahomes admitted that he refrains from washing them during winning streaks.

"I wash them every now and then, but if we're on a winning streak, I can't wash them, right? I've got to keep them going while we're winning. I've got to keep that superstition going," he explained. As of the latest update, the Kansas City Chiefs suffered their second defeat of the season on October 29 against the Denver Broncos, with a score of 24:9.

Considering this loss, Mahomes jokingly acknowledged that the laundry in the Mahomes household hasn't seen much action lately due to the team's overall success.

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