Seahawks' Coach Praises QB for Near-Perfect Performance in Victory

Seahawks' Offensive Surge Dominates Second-Half Play

by Zain ul Abedin
Seahawks' Coach Praises QB for Near-Perfect Performance in Victory
© Tom Hauck/Getty Images

In a dramatic shift of fortunes at Sunday's game, the Seattle Seahawks, piloted by Geno Smith's quarterbacking prowess, clinched a nail-biter against the Washington Commanders. The match, which initially saw the teams locked in a 9-9 stalemate, witnessed a palpable shift in momentum post-halftime.

Despite a penalty that led to boos from Seattle's staunchest supporters, Smith emerged from the locker room to orchestrate a commendable offensive turnaround. The Seahawks, who had been limited to field goals in the first half, found their rhythm under Smith's leadership, resulting in two touchdown drives and a pair of field goals, culminating in a decisive scoring play that sealed their triumph just as Washington leveled the score in the game's dying moments.

Seahawks' head coach Pete Carroll lauded Smith's performance, highlighting his nearly flawless execution, command of play, and impressive poise under pressure. Carroll's praise, echoed on the official team website, underscored Smith's seamless throws, decisive calls, and overall control of the game's flow, which were instrumental in the Seahawks' win.

Smith's Record-Breaking Day

Smith not only surpassed previous personal records with a career-high of 369 passing yards, but he also boasted a 103.9 passer rating, breaking a four-game interception streak – a marked improvement since his days with the New York Jets in 2014.

His clinical precision allowed receivers to maximize their yardage post-catch, a feat underscored by Pro Football Focus's statistics, which noted the Seahawks achieving a league-leading 254 receiving yards after the catch for the week.

Receiver DK Metcalf expressed unwavering confidence in Smith, citing his resilience and ability to ignore external criticism as critical factors in his performance. Metcalf's comments reflect a team emboldened by unity and mutual support, traits that Smith has consistently embodied.

The Seahawks' victory solidifies their standing in the NFC West, drawing even with the San Francisco 49ers at a 6-3 record. However, the road ahead is challenging, with upcoming contests against the Los Angeles Rams and a series of high-stakes matchups against formidable opponents like the 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles on the horizon.

Seattle's campaign for supremacy will undoubtedly hinge on Smith's "lights out" performances, as they navigate through this rigorous slate of games.