Jets fans slam Hackett as Rodgers fumes over Raiders play call


Jets fans slam Hackett as Rodgers fumes over Raiders play call
Jets fans slam Hackett as Rodgers fumes over Raiders play call © Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Aaron Rodgers is making strides in his recovery from an Achilles injury sustained in the season's opening game against the Buffalo Bills. His progress is notable, with the Jets quarterback already practicing essential movements such as drop-backs, a testament to his commitment and the efficiency of his rehabilitation program.

Despite being sidelined, Rodgers remains engaged, joining the Jets' coaching conversations via headset from the sidelines. His presence is not without its controversies, as Rodgers was recently caught on camera by FOX Sports Radio’s Jason Stewart signaling disapproval during a Jets play against the Raiders.

The third-down decision by offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett, which resulted in the Raiders halting Breece Hall’s advance, sparked criticism from fans and pundits alike.

Hackett's Strategy Slammed

One fan’s vexation was palpable as they branded Hackett’s choices as "consistently terrible all year." The critique was echoed by another who challenged Hackett's approach, questioning his reliance on the run game.

These sentiments reflect a broader frustration with the Jets' offensive strategy after their 16-12 loss to the Raiders during Monday Night Football—a game that marked their second without a touchdown and underscored their offensive woes.

The Jets' performance leaves them with a 4-5 record and, given their offensive statistics—ranking near the bottom of the league in both yards and points per game—their playoff aspirations hang in the balance.

The pressure mounts as they prepare for challenging games against division rivals Buffalo Bills and a subsequent matchup with the Miami Dolphins. Hackett's recruitment was part of a strategy to woo Rodgers from the Broncos, where his tenure ended after a disappointing season.

The union, which had previously yielded substantial success with the Packers, has yet to reproduce similar results for the Jets. With or without Rodgers on the field, the team's offensive capabilities remain under intense scrutiny.

The Jets' current predicament is a far cry from their aspirations at the season's outset. As they navigate the second half of the season, all eyes will be on Hackett to adapt and innovate in the face of adversity. For Rodgers, his rehabilitation and potential return to the game could be a beacon of hope for the team to turn their fortunes around before the season concludes.

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