Schwarzenegger Son Cast as Tim Tebow in Anthology Series on Aaron Hernandez


Schwarzenegger Son Cast as Tim Tebow in Anthology Series on Aaron Hernandez
Schwarzenegger Son Cast as Tim Tebow in Anthology Series on Aaron Hernandez © Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Patrick Schwarzenegger, son of bodybuilding icon and Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger, is slated to portray collegiate football star Tim Tebow in a new anthology series recounting the complex tale of Aaron Hernandez. The show, which marks the latest addition to Ryan Murphy's acclaimed storytelling franchise, will unfold on FX as 'American Sports Story.'

Schwarzenegger, who has honed his acting chops in films such as "Grown Ups 2" and "Stowaway," as well as the recent Amazon hit series "The Terminal List," expressed his enthusiasm for the role on social media, highlighting the "wild & insane" narrative he's set to embark upon.

The series aims to delve into the intricacies of Hernandez's life, from his time as a Florida Gator alongside Tebow to his tumultuous tenure with the New England Patriots, culminating in a murder conviction and his eventual death in prison.

This project, tapping into America's fascination with sports and scandal, provides a multi-layered look at a story that continues to captivate and disturb the nation.

Schwarzenegger as Tebow

Schwarzenegger, 30, is embracing the challenge of embodying Tebow, the former Florida Gators quarterback, whose athletic prowess and evangelical zeal made him an unforgettable figure in college football.

Tebow's connection with Hernandez during the 2007–2009 seasons, which included a national championship victory in 2008, adds depth to the narrative tapestry that the series seeks to present. The anticipated series also revisits Hernandez's troubled journey, highlighting his professional rise and subsequent downfall.

Hernandez's life took a dark turn following his arrest and conviction for the murder of Odin Lloyd, leading to his release from the Patriots and the legal saga that followed. His untimely death in 2017 brought a tragic end to a saga that remains a point of fascination and debate.

Schwarzenegger's casting news aligns with the release of rankings for the 2024 college football recruits, suggesting a continued interest in the intersection of collegiate sports' glory and its potential pitfalls. As the show prepares to bring this gripping story to the screen, fans anticipate a portrayal that does justice to the complexity of the real-life drama that shook the world of sports.

By chronicling the lives of Tebow and Hernandez, 'American Sports Story' promises to explore themes of ambition, celebrity, and the corrosive effects of hidden truths within the highly scrutinized realm of American football.

The series is expected to attract viewers beyond the sports community, offering a contemplative look at the personal costs of public lives played out under the stadium lights.