Adam Thielen Criticizes Bryce Young Offense in Panthers' Defeat to Bears


Adam Thielen Criticizes Bryce Young Offense in Panthers' Defeat to Bears
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In a dramatic twist to their season, the Carolina Panthers, who boldly traded up for the first pick in the 2023 NFL Draft to secure quarterback Bryce Young, faced a stark reality check. In a recent game, the Panthers were defeated by the Chicago Bears, the very team they had negotiated with months ago.

The Bears, led by the unheralded Division II quarterback Tyson Bagent, showcased a stark contrast in team dynamics and performance.

Veteran receiver Adam Thielen expressed his frustration with the Panthers' offence, which managed only 13 points against the Bears.

"We're just not hitting on all cylinders right now. We're not hitting on any cylinders," Thielen lamented. "It's an embarrassing effort. I think everyone's just embarrassed, you know, put up what, six points on offence." This candid reflection highlights the challenges faced by the Panthers as they struggle to find their rhythm this season.

Young's Performance Falters

Bryce Young's performance, in particular, has been under scrutiny. His 185-yard output against the Bears is part of a worrying trend, marking the sixth time he has failed to surpass 205 passing yards in eight games.

His completion percentage of 55.3 against the Bears was his lowest since his NFL debut. These statistics raise concerns about Young's ability to effectively lead the Panthers' offence. Despite a promising career at Alabama and high expectations as a No.

1 pick, Young's transition to the NFL has been challenging. The Panthers' offence is currently ranked third-worst in the league, with an average of 275.3 yards per game. In comparison, Andy Dalton, a veteran quarterback, provided a brief respite in Week 3, throwing for 361 yards and two touchdowns in Young's absence.

This loss to the Bears is significant, marking only the second time in the common draft era that an undrafted rookie free-agent quarterback has defeated a No. 1 overall rookie quarterback. It adds to the growing uncertainty around Young's potential as a franchise quarterback.

Meanwhile, other rookies like Houston Texans' C.J.

Stroud are making significant strides, showcasing the potential to be the NFL's next prominent quarterbacks. In contrast, Young's struggles are becoming more pronounced, raising questions about his readiness for the NFL. His early performances have been less than formidable, and the pressure is mounting to demonstrate that he can live up to his high expectations.

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