Kenny Pickett: Rising Star or Lucky Streak?


Kenny Pickett: Rising Star or Lucky Streak?
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Navigating the complexities of Kenny Pickett's performance with the Pittsburgh Steelers presents a fascinating study in contrasts. Pickett, the 20th overall pick from the University of Pittsburgh in 2022, inherited the daunting task of filling the shoes of two-time Super Bowl champion Ben Roethlisberger.

This transition highlighted a glaring disparity in quarterbacking prowess, particularly evident in crunch-time scenarios. His leadership marked Pickett's rookie season in four game-winning drives, a trend he has continued with three similar drives this season.

Notably, the Steelers triumphed in eight of their nine games last season when their defence restricted opponents to 20 points or less. This year, they have replicated this defensive success four times, with Pickett steering the team to victory, albeit amidst lingering doubts about their overall strength.

Despite these wins, Pickett's statistics paint a mixed picture: 13 touchdown passes versus 13 interceptions across 21 career games. This modest touchdown tally raises questions about the effectiveness of the Steelers' offence, which often struggles to find its rhythm.

However, the team's proficiency in nurturing top-tier receivers remains unchallenged, as evidenced by the emergence of George Pickens and Diontae Johnson.

Pickett's Rushing Downturn

Pickett's versatility was displayed in 2022, as he amassed over 237 rushing yards, showcasing his dual-threat capability.

However, his rushing performance has dipped significantly this season, with 26 runs yielding a mere 21 yards, one of the season's lowest averages. This downturn contributes to the Steelers' ranking as the 29th offence in points per game, a statistic that belies their current position in one of the three AFC wildcard spots.

Pickett faces an uphill battle to guide the Steelers to the playoffs in the fiercely competitive AFC North, where every team boasts at least five wins. With all divisional rivals possessing formidable defenses and either a strong running or passing game, the Steelers lack of a clear offensive edge is conspicuous.

Despite these challenges, the synergy between Pickett and Pickens offers a glimmer of hope. Pickens, a savvy second-round pick from last year's draft, has already amassed an impressive 521 yards and three touchdowns in just eight games this season, positioning him for a potential 1,000+ yard season.

His explosive plays, often going viral, have added a dynamic element to the Steelers' offense. The Steelers' legacy of producing outstanding receivers, from Hines Ward to Antonio Brown, continues unabated. While questions linger about Pickett's long-term role, his connection with Pickens, particularly, showcases his potential.

As the team navigates the remainder of the season, the Pickett-Pickens partnership could prove crucial in determining their playoff fortunes. Whether Pickett is the definitive solution for the Steelers remains to be seen, but one thing is clear: George Pickens is set to be a cornerstone of the team's future.