Jaguars' Gardner Minshew frustrated over lack of playing time

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Jaguars' Gardner Minshew frustrated over lack of playing time

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew has admitted that he feels frustrated over not having game minutes. Minshew, who started the season as the starting quarterback for the Jaguars, suffered a thumb injury several weeks ago.

Minshew was cleared to play late last month and he "begged" Jaguars coach Doug Marrone to play him in Week 12 against the Cleveland Browns. But coach Marrone didn't meet Minshew's request and instead went with veteran quarterback Mike Glennon.

The Jaguars lost to the Minnesota Vikings in overtime this past Sunday after Glennon had three turnovers but coach Marrone still named Glennon as the starter for this week's game against the Tennessee Titans. "It's so frustrating," Minshew said, per ESPN.

"I pretty much went and begged before the Cleveland game to be able to play. It sucks, you know, There's no way around it. "I want to be out there. I want to be helping our team, but if helping our team is me being the best No.

2 I can be then that's what I've got to do right now."

Marrone wants to give more time to Minshew

"We talked today and just like I've told him, I just want to see more practice," Marrone said.

"I think he's working on his volume and the amount of throws and all of that. Obviously he's cleared medically, but still you want to be able to see those things on the practice field. I just think right now in practice Mike is throwing better and gives us the best chance to win.

"I don't think Gardner's 100% as far as his workload, and that's always a concern to me, and I'm trying to understand it. We're both trying to work through it." Minshew is frustrated over lack of playing time but his coach insists their relationship is all good.

"We've been having a lot of conversations, so it's not a problem at all," Marrone said. "Whatever he feels he can do what's best for the team, he'll do. He's said that quite a bit. I don't see a problem there.

The communication's been fine. I think everything's been up front. I think everything's been talked about. So I feel comfortable with that. "I think he's trying to do everything he can to get himself back to a point where he feels comfortable and his workload is right." The Jaguars beat the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1 but since then they have picked 11 consecutive losses.