Seahawks' HC Pete Carroll: Chris Carson still feeling effects of foot injury

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Seahawks' HC Pete Carroll: Chris Carson still feeling effects of foot injury

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll revealed that the team's starting running back Chris Carson is still feeling the effects of the foot injury that sidelined him for a month. Carson, who returned to the lineup on Monday Night Football against the Philadelphia Eagles, suited up against the New York Giants six days later.

In a 17-12 upset loss to the Giants, Carson carried the ball 13 times and finished the game with 65 rushing yards. Carson was also targeted six times and he caught three balls, including the team's lone touchdown. "He's making it to the game is what he's doing it right now," Carroll said, per ESPN.

"His foot is still sore but he can play, so you can see, he looked good, but it's just not 100 percent and so we're trying to not overload him."

The Seahawks need a healthy Carson

Carson's action in practice was limited on Wednesday and Thursday but he was a full participant on Friday.

Carson suited up against the Giants on Sunday but his presence didn't bring the Seahawks the necessary edge. The Seahawks now own an 8-4 record as they battle with the 8-4 Los Angeles Rams for the first place of the NFC West Division.

"We've got a lot of games left and we're just trying to make sure that he can play and contribute, which is what he's doing," coach Carroll said. "And I thought they handled that pretty well. But he's not to the point where we can just let him stay out there and keep on going and let's run him 25-30 times and see what happens, so we're still trying to bring him along."

The Seahawks used running back Carlos Hyde more than Carson against the Eagles but that changed on Sunday as Hyde rushed the ball only twice. "We really went into the game hoping to mix between [Carson] and Carlos because both guys are just barely getting back and feeling right and we weren't going to load up anybody, and really that didn't really come to light until we made it through the whole week and got all the way to the weekend here," Carroll said.

"We were hoping the guys would improve but they both played a little sore from ... last week and so that's the way I thought it would turn out, we would mix those two guys, not go too heavy on one guy or the other."