Eagles' Jalen Hurts replaces Carson Wentz in Packers loss, could start against Saints

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Eagles' Jalen Hurts replaces Carson Wentz in Packers loss, could start against Saints

Philadelphia Eagles rookie quarterback Jalen Hurts was grateful that his coach gave him an opportunity to get some minutes in Week 13 but he was disappointed that he couldn't lead his team to a comeback. Eagles starting quarterback Carson Wentz was struggling to get the offense going and coach Doug Pederson pulled out Wentz for Hurts.

On a fourth-and-18 in the fourth quarter, Hurts threw a 32-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Greg Ward. Shortly after the touchdown, Eagles rookie wide receiver Jalen Reagor scored a 73-yard punt-return touchdown. Inserting Hurts sparked the Eagles but their bid of making a big comeback fell short after Packers running back Aaron Jones broke off for a 77-yard touchdown run.

The Eagles ended up losing the game 30-16 and falling to a 3-8-1 record. "Any experience and any opportunity to touch the field, it only kind of raises the value of that player. It's kind of has been that way all year, and today Coach gave me that opportunity," Hurts said, per ESPN.

"With all my heart, I had every intention of coming in and getting it done and winning the game, but we came up short, and that only lights a fire in everybody moving forward."

Wentz admits being replaced for Hurts was frustrating

Wentz, who was taken at No.

2 in the 2016 NFL draft, has been struggling mightily in his last two seasons. "I didn't know what the plan was fully. I was just told he was going in for the next play and the next series," Wentz said. "So I didn't really know what was going on there.

Obviously, that's frustrating as a competitor and just the personality that I have, I want to be the guy out there. But it is what it is. They made the call today. At the end of the day we lost, as a team we lost, and that's what I think for me I'm most frustrated about.

I don't like where we're at this season recordwise and I know I can play better and we can all be better going forward." Eagles coach Pederson will now take a few days before deciding which quarterback will start this week against the New Orleans Saints.

"I've got to get through injuries, I've got to get through the tape, there's a lot of things that I'm going to consider and evaluate before anything is decided," Pederson said.