Urban Meyer to Michigan State in 2024: Possible?

Michigan State eyes new leadership amid coaching market buzz.

by Nouman Rasool
Urban Meyer to Michigan State in 2024: Possible?
© Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

In the dynamic world of college football, few names carry the cachet of Urban Meyer. The former head coach of the Florida Gators and Ohio State Buckeyes, known for his sharp football acumen and leadership, has been away from the collegiate sidelines, having last coached the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars.

Since then, Meyer has transitioned into broadcasting, offering insights on the game from a new vantage point. Yet, the rumor mill is churning with talk of Meyer possibly returning to the field to lead Michigan State's program.

The buzz began following the dismissal of Mel Tucker, the Spartans' head coach embroiled in controversy, which led to his firing. In the wake of this upheaval, Michigan State promoted Harlon Barnett to interim head coach, although the team has struggled to find its footing.

The question on everyone's mind: Could Urban Meyer be the answer to Michigan State's search for football redemption? Despite a flurry of rumors suggesting Meyer's interest in the Michigan State job, skepticism remains. Notably, Bruce Feldman of The Athletic has debunked these speculations, directly quoting Meyer's disinterest.

Meyer himself, enjoying his tenure with Fox Sports, seems to have quelled the excitement with a definitive stance against a coaching return—at least for now.

However, the conversation took a twist when Fox Sports radio host Bernie Fratto shared intriguing insights on the air.

Fratto, who previously contributed to the Meyer-to-Spartans narrative, suggested that the coach might not be entirely disinterested. The implications of Fratto's remarks add a layer of complexity, highlighting the fluid nature of the coaching carousel and the potential influence of powerful figures like billionaire alumnus Mat Ishbia.

Dickert in Consideration?

If Meyer remains steadfast in his broadcasting career, Michigan State must look elsewhere.

Another name that has emerged is Washington State's Jake Dickert, who reportedly could be in the mix for the Spartans' head coaching position. Though the source of this information remains unofficial, it's a development that adds to the speculation surrounding Michigan State's next move.

As the Spartans navigate this transitional phase, the college football community watches closely. With a legacy of success and the potential for a new chapter, Michigan State's decision will be pivotal. Whether it's a high-profile figure like Meyer or an up-and-coming coach like Dickert, the Spartans are at a crossroads that will define their future in college football.