NFL Debates Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift Incident: JJ Watt Weighs In


NFL Debates Travis Kelce-Taylor Swift Incident: JJ Watt Weighs In
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In a season where the gridiron often shares the spotlight with Hollywood and the Billboard charts, the budding relationship between Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce and pop sensation Taylor Swift has become an unexpected subplot of the 2023 NFL narrative.

Not one to shy away from controversy, retired Houston Texans superstar J.J. Watt recently delved into the topic on "The Profile" with Polina M. Pompliano, highlighting the entertainment value it adds to the league. While primarily on the show to discuss his own life and investment strategies, Watt opined that the coupling of a Super Bowl champion and a pop icon like Swift is a match made for the headlines.

"I'm not surprised by it at all. The NFL and the music industry are both branches of the entertainment business. Their symbiosis is a testament to why the NFL is a multibillion-dollar enterprise—it entertains people," Watt stated.

Similarly, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, who is in a high-profile relationship himself with actress Hailee Steinfeld, weighed in on the subject. Speaking with PEOPLE, Allen acknowledged that the Kelce-Swift pairing has been a viewership magnet.

"It’s undeniable that their relationship has attracted a lot of viewers to what we’re doing. In this business, you're either growing or you're dying," he said.

KC's Swift Boost

Business Insider also jumped in with some economic metrics, revealing that Taylor Swift's frequent appearances in Kansas City are giving local businesses a significant bump.

A local store named Folmsbee cited a surge in customers looking to mimic Swift's style. "People are coming in to find the best vintage sweatshirt that looks just like hers and wearing those to the games," the store stated. Watt concluded his thoughts by mentioning the league's clever balancing act.

"They’ve tried to figure out the pendulum, swinging it between over-coverage and pulling back. But can you blame them? The NFL wouldn’t be the robust enterprise it is if it only focused on the football." This narrative arc around Kelce and Swift adds another layer to the NFL's broad appeal, successfully blending the worlds of sports, music, and even fashion.

As the league continues to grow, it’s clear that the boundary between entertainment and athletics is more permeable than ever.

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