Deion Sanders: Colorado Exit?

Colorado Buffaloes Navigate Challenging Season Under Coach Sanders' Leadership.

by David Coppini
Deion Sanders: Colorado Exit?
© Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

When Deion Sanders made the move to lead the Colorado Buffaloes, it marked a significant chapter for the football program. The Buffs were reeling from a dismal 1-11 season in 2022, and Coach Prime was seen as the transformative figure needed to reverse their fortunes.

As the season unfolded, Sanders made an immediate impact, propelling Colorado to a triumphant three-game winning streak with victories over TCU, Nebraska, and Michigan State. However, the tide turned as they faced consecutive defeats against Oregon and USC.

The unexpected setback in week 8 against Stanford further dampened spirits, and the subsequent loss to UCLA brought their record to an even 4-4. The aura of invincibility that once surrounded Sanders and his team had begun to fade.

Despite the ups and downs, there has been no clear indication that Sanders is contemplating an exit from Colorado. The 56-year-old is in the initial phase of a five-year contract, valued at $29.5 million, binding him to the Buffaloes at least until 2027.

Moreover, Sanders has openly expressed his commitment to college football and his passion for mentoring young athletes, notably during a September appearance on the Rich Eisen Show. He highlighted the unique opportunity to influence players who are still moldable and not yet swayed by the financial allure of professional sports.

Looking ahead, challenges loom for Sanders and the Buffaloes. With their impending move to the Big 12—a conference home to powerhouse teams like Oklahoma and Texas—Sanders is keenly aware of the necessity to solidify their standing and conclude their Pac-12 journey on a high note.

In the wake of the UCLA defeat, the Buffaloes faced additional turmoil as players were victimized by theft, with personal belongings and valuables stolen from the locker room at Rose Bowl Stadium. The incident is currently under police investigation.

Coach Prime took this opportunity to address the adversity and respond to critics via social media, emphasizing resilience and the inevitability of facing backlash when in a position of success. He reminded his players and supporters that they remain undeterred, ready to face whatever challenges lie ahead.

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