Nick Wright: Cowboys Urged to Trade for Frustrated $140M WR Davante Adams

Adams' on-field frustration ignites trade talks among experts.

by Nouman Rasool
Nick Wright: Cowboys Urged to Trade for Frustrated $140M WR Davante Adams
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Nick Wright, the outspoken sports analyst, has weighed in on the concerning state of Davante Adams' tenure with the Las Vegas Raiders, following yet another loss, this time against the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football.

The Raiders' record has plummeted to a disappointing 3-5, with Adams visibly distressed throughout the contest. Adams, who completed the game with a mere single reception from seven targets, accumulating just 11 receiving yards, appeared to be misaligned with his quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo.

It's an underperformance that is uncharacteristic for a player of Adams' caliber, who has previously had back-to-back seasons with 1,500 receiving yards while with the Green Bay Packers. His evident on-field frustration became the talk of the game, raising questions about his future with the Raiders.

Wright's Social Plea

Sharing his thoughts on social media platform X, previously known as Twitter, Wright exclaimed, "For the sake of football fans everywhere, not to mention Davante Adams' sanity, someone needs to trade for Davante Adams tomorrow." He proceeded to list potential suitors for the wide receiver, explicitly ruling out his own favored Kansas City Chiefs due to the AFC West rivalry with the Raiders.

The Dallas Cowboys, currently in a good run of form, are among the teams that could considerably benefit from acquiring Adams. Despite the commendable performances of wide receivers CeeDee Lamb and Brandin Cooks, Michael Gallup has been unable to match his previous excellence.

Adding Adams could fortify an already strong offensive unit and make the Cowboys' push towards the postseason even more formidable. Other possible destinations include the Baltimore Ravens, whose acquisition of Odell Beckham Jr.

has failed to produce the desired results. With the trade window open until 4 PM ET today, the clock is ticking for these teams to make a move. Nick Wright's clarion call for a Davante Adams trade resonates with a sentiment shared by many: elite players like Adams deserve a suitable platform to showcase their talent.

It remains to be seen whether Wright’s appeal will spur teams into action, but one thing is certain: Adams' current situation is untenable, and a change seems imminent.

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