Stephen A. Smith Defends Dak Prescott: A Rebuttal to Media Insensitivity!


Stephen A. Smith Defends Dak Prescott: A Rebuttal to Media Insensitivity!
Stephen A. Smith Defends Dak Prescott: A Rebuttal to Media Insensitivity! © Ezra Shaw/GettyImages

In an unexpected twist of events, the well-known critic of the Cowboys, Stephen A. Smith, has stepped forward to lend his support to the team's quarterback, Dak Prescott, amidst a sea of insensitive commentary from the media.

During his appearance on ESPN's 'First Take,' Smith made it explicitly clear that personal attacks are a line he refuses to cross. “In our show, we uphold a standard of professionalism that excludes personal attacks.

Dak has faced immeasurable personal tragedy, losing his mother and brother, and enduring his own share of trials. My heart truly goes out to him. In his roles as a man, a role model, and a human being, he stands out as one of the finest,” stated Smith.

Upholding Media Integrity

Smith further highlighted that while he maintains a strict policy against personal criticisms on his show, he is aware that others in the media landscape have not adhered to the same standards.

"I’m aware that there are others in our field who may blur the lines between professional critique and personal commentary. This is something we, as a team on this show, including Ryan, Molly, and all our contributors, diligently avoid.

We prioritize our humanity above all,” he emphasized. While Smith's compassionate stance towards Prescott is evident, it's worth noting that he has not always maintained this level of charity in his commentary, particularly when it comes to discussing other public figures.

His recent controversial remarks about his former 'First Take' co-host, Max Kellerman, are a testament to this. Smith questioned Kellerman’s credentials, both as an athlete and as a journalist, a statement that raised eyebrows given Smith’s own background.

On the flip side, Dak Prescott, the current Walter Payton Man of the Year, has proven his mettle both on and off the field. His commitment to community service through his Faith Fight Finish foundation is commendable, as he actively engages in cancer research advocacy, mental health awareness, and fostering better relations between law enforcement and communities.

Despite the Dallas Cowboys’ recent sports setbacks, Prescott’s personal achievements and his character remain a beacon of inspiration.

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