Tom Brady and Michael Phelps Celebrate Mental Coach's Book Launch as Life-Changing


Tom Brady and Michael Phelps Celebrate Mental Coach's Book Launch as Life-Changing
Tom Brady and Michael Phelps Celebrate Mental Coach's Book Launch as Life-Changing © Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

NFL icon Tom Brady, who hung up his cleats earlier this year, continues to capture headlines even in retirement. This time, it's for endorsing the recently released book, 'Stay Sane in an Insane World,' penned by renowned mental coaches Greg Harden and Steve Hamilton.

The book has already gained significant traction, boasting an impressive 4.6/5 rating on Amazon since its March 2023 debut. Joining Brady in the chorus of praise is none other than swimming legend Michael Phelps.

Elite Endorsements

Greg Harden, a celebrated figure in sports psychology, has been instrumental in the lives of high-caliber athletes like Brady and Phelps.

In the book's Foreword, Brady exclaims, "Greg Harden has been and will always remain one of the most influential people in my life." This sentiment is echoed by an array of elite athletes, including Michael Phelps, Heisman Trophy winner Desmond Howard, and more than 300 professionals in various sports.

Phelps, the winner of 28 Olympic medals, was eager to delve into Harden's literary work, exclaiming, "I. Can't. Wait!!!" His enthusiasm is shared by notable personalities like Jim Harbaugh, a respected figure in NCAA coaching, and Desmond Howard, former wide receiver for the Detroit Lions.

Howard went so far as to credit Harden for his Heisman win, stating, "If Greg Harden wasn't at the University of Michigan, I don't win the Heisman." This whirlpool of high-profile endorsements inevitably raises the question: Could Harden's psychological insights influence Tom Brady to consider a return to football, albeit in a coaching role? According to Brady himself, the answer is a resounding no.

"Coaching wouldn't be for me. No, certainly not. I like playing. I wouldn't be a good coach. I don't have the patience for it," declared the seven-time Super Bowl champion. As of now, Brady appears content in his retirement, basking in over two decades of football memories.

While fans might dream of a day when Brady graces the gridiron once more, it's evident that his current focus lies elsewhere. This compelling blend of sports legends and psychological acumen has propelled 'Stay Sane in an Insane World' into the limelight, cementing Greg Harden's reputation as a transformative figure in the world of athletics and personal development.

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