Eagles' Carson Wentz holding himself accountable for poor form

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Eagles' Carson Wentz holding himself accountable for poor form

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham has revealed that quarterback Carson Wentz stood up during an address to the team this week and held himself accountable for his poor performances. Wentz, who was taken at No.

2 in the 2016 NFL draft, was having an MVP type of season in 2017, before he suffered a season-ending injury. Wentz never returned to his old form after the injury and this season it all escalated as the former No. 2 pick has had lots of problems leading the Eagles to points this year.

The Eagles own a 3-7-1 record this season and they hold the third place on the NFC East Division standings. This season, Wentz has completed 245-of-422 passes, thrown 16 touchdowns against 15 interceptions. Wentz leads the league in thrown interceptions and the Eagles are currently on a three-game losing streak.

"The first step is admitting where you're bad at, and that's what I love that Carson did," Graham said, per ESPN. "When we talked to the team, he knew he had to own some of the stuff that he's been doing, and he let us know that he's working his butt off to make sure that he starts doing a lot of stuff better.

And that's all people want to hear is for you to take ownership of yours and we can move on. That's how you build relationships: taking ownership of what you do."

Eagles coach says Wentz knows he has got to play better

Eagles coach Doug Pederson was happy to see Wentz stepping up and taking responsibility for his bad form as he believes that shows the level of maturity of his quarterback.

"He understands that he needs to play better. And for him to stand up and take ownership with the team and quite frankly show vulnerability I think is a sign of growth in any player, and we've had several players do that this week," Pederson said.

"It just shows that our young players -- and I still consider Carson in that young [category], only five years in is still relatively young in this league -- that they're showing signs of maturity and growth and leadership ability, especially from your quarterback.

"It was good to see. And conversations that he and I have had over the last month hopefully have maybe spurred him in that right direction." The Eagles won't have an easy job this Sunday as they play the Green Bay Packers on the road.