New Orleans Saints superstar arrested and jailed for reckless driving

After being stopped by a traffic police patrol, he cooperated with law enforcement authorities and did not resist arrest

by Sededin Dedovic
New Orleans Saints superstar arrested and jailed for reckless driving
© Chris Graythen / Getty Images

New Orleans Saints star wide receiver Chris Olave found himself in a bit of hot water recently when he was pulled over for speeding in the city of Kenner, Louisiana, located in the United States of America. Olave was clocked driving at a breakneck speed of 112 kilometers per hour in a zone where the legal limit is merely half of that, an egregious violation confirmed by the Kenner police.

The New Orleans Saints organization promptly became aware of this incident, but they have yet to release an official statement regarding it. The star wide receiver, in contrast, is not likely to escape the repercussions of his actions.

He is expected to face charges of reckless driving, a serious traffic offense that can carry substantial penalties.

Olave has been a standout performer for them this season

The 23-year-old athlete experienced a temporary stint behind bars at Kenner's municipal facility while awaiting the completion of necessary paperwork and processing related to his case.

This unexpected turn of events unfolded following the New Orleans Saints' recent game. The team had a scheduled day off, having played their match during the late hours of the previous Thursday night, leading to Olave's escapade.

Chris Olave is a pivotal figure in the New Orleans Saints' roster. The team is currently holding a 3-4 record, and Olave has been a standout performer for them this season, leading in both receptions with 39 and passing yards with a total of 471.

His remarkable performance as a rookie, having gained over 1,000 yards, earned him the 11th overall selection in the 2022 NFL draft. Despite the gravity of his actions, it is worth noting that Chris Olave displayed cooperation and compliance when dealing with the traffic police who pulled him over, offering no resistance to arrest.

The repercussions of this incident are bound to raise questions regarding the player's future both on and off the field, while the New Orleans Saints' management grapples with how to address thi

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