Jonathan Owens Misses Fur Child 'Lil Mans' Away from Simone Biles


Jonathan Owens Misses Fur Child 'Lil Mans' Away from Simone Biles
© Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

As the 2023 NFL season gains momentum and the Green Bay Packers prepare for their upcoming clash against the Minnesota Vikings on October 29th, safety Jonathan Owens finds himself yearning for some home comforts. While Owens is setting his sights on lifting this year's coveted Vince Lombardi trophy, his girlfriend, gymnastic sensation Simone Biles, is back in Texas, basking in her recent triumphs at the 2023 US Core Hydration Classic, the 2023 Xfinity Gymnastics Championships, and the 2023 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.

The couple, although professionally occupied in different states, have found a way to keep their connection alive and even include their massive social media following in their life updates. Notably, both athletes share a common affection for their French bulldogs, Rambo and Lilo.

Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens: Puppy Love

Recently, Simone Biles took to Instagram to share an endearing snapshot of Rambo, captured in a serene moment of sleep within a basket. Alongside the photo, she wrote, “Smoosh,” peppering the caption with a collection of heartwarming emojis.

Owens couldn’t resist reposting the captivating image to his own Instagram story, adding the caption, “Look at my lil mans!!!” The photo offers a glimpse into the couple’s softer side and their shared love for their bulldogs.

A few months prior, Biles had shared her exasperation regarding her adorable yet mischievous pets. The Olympic gold medalist revealed their troublesome habit of marking around the house, despite numerous remedies including sprays, diapers, belly bands, and even professional carpet cleaning.

“WHAT DO I DO? Doggy boot camp? Or what? It’s gone on for a year now, and I’m OVER IT,” Biles confessed to her followers. As Owens gears up for the decisive moments of the NFL season far from home, his recent social media activity underscores his affection for his furry companion.

In a world where both athletes are achieving stellar heights professionally, it's the simple joys of canine companionship that often serve as the grounding force in their lives. Rambo and Lilo are not just pets; they are beloved members of a high-achieving household. Can we all agree that these four-legged pals hold a special place in the hearts of this power couple?