Davante Adams bluntly tells Raiders thing that is making him frustrated, annoyed


Davante Adams bluntly tells Raiders thing that is making him frustrated, annoyed
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Davante Adams has publicly voiced his displeasure with the number of targets he has been receiving lately. On Sunday, the Las Vegas Raiders clinched a 21-17 home win over the New England Patriots. During the game, Adams caught two balls on five targets for 29 yards.

Over the last two games, Adams has had six catches on nine targets. After the Raiders' win over the Patriots, Adams refused to speak with the media. "I'm sure people are thinking, 'They won the game, why is there an issue?' I mean, you see why it's an issue.

Y'all should know who I am, know what I'm about at this point ... when you're a player like me, mentally, my benchmark is not wins and losses -- it's greatness. So when I go out there, I expect to be able to have that ability to put that on tape and have an influence on the game.

That's my purpose for being here. I'm not here just to hang out; I came here to win and to do it the right way," Adams said, via ESPN.

Adams believes the Raiders should and need to use him more

Last year, Adams wanted out of the Green Bay Packers so he could join the Raiders, a team he grew up rooting for.

Adams' first year with the Raiders didn't go well as the team didn't even make the playoffs. So far this season, the Raiders are 3-3. After losing three consecutive games, the Raiders have won their last two games. Adams believes that if the Raiders want to have the desired success, they need to be using and targeting him more.

"So if it don't look like it's supposed to look, then I'm going to be frustrated if I'm not a part of that plan. Because I have the opportunity to go and change that and make it look like a much better picture out there. And if that doesn't happen, then I'm going to be frustrated.

If Jakobi [Meyers] goes out and has a monster game or if the offense is scoring every five plays, like our first drive on the Bills, then it is what it is. It's not about me, but I'm one of the bigger pieces as to why this offense is going to go.

And if I'm not getting it, then that's obviously not according to plan," Adams said. This week, the Raiders are playing the Chicago Bears on the road.

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