HC Kyle Shanahan speaks on Cardinals providing home for 49ers

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HC Kyle Shanahan speaks on Cardinals providing home for 49ers

San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan insists the Arizona Cardinals have been great with the 49ers so far and he is grateful that the Cardinals provided them home while the Santa Clara County restrictions are on. Late last week, it was announced that the Santa Clara County was banning contact sports for three weeks and the 49ers had to react quickly and find a way play during those three weeks.

The Santa Clara County restrictions are set to expire on 21 December, and until then, the 49ers will be playing at the Cardinals stadium their home games and returning to Arizona from road trips. "The best scenario for us and the most convenient for us right now with the situation presented is just getting out to Arizona, there's a good setup there," Shanahan said, per ESPN.

"The Cardinals have been awesome with us, everyone out there has been awesome with us. I do believe we have a really good setup there to make the best of it, and that's where we'll play our games, too." Shanahan knows the 49ers are not in a favorable situation and he has noted that the team will continue to explore ways to help them return to San Francisco earlier.

"I know our guys aren't going to stop working at it," Shanahan said. "We're not trying to stay away from everybody for three weeks. If we could come up with something different and something works out, I know we would love to adjust that and come back and do that."

Shanahan says there won't be hanging out

Recently, nine players from the 49ers landed on the COVID-19/Reserve list as a result of a mini-outbreak within the team. After finishing practice sessions, players will return to their hotel rooms and there won't be hanging out inside their rooms.

"You don't want to hang out and stuff," Shanahan said. "That's how people get in trouble. That's how it spreads. That's what happened to us during our bye week at a hotel. We won't sit there and hang out at all.

So, we'll work there and guys will go up to their hotel room." 49ers coach Shanahan also underlined that he and his players won't be spending Christmas without their families. "I just try to tell our guys, I don't care what happens, we're not going to spend Christmas without our families," Shanahan said.

"We'll figure it out. That's really what I tried to give to everyone just so they could say that to their families, because I think that is their concern."