Mike McDaniel loses it when asked if Tua Tagovailoa is 'system quarterback'


Mike McDaniel loses it when asked if Tua Tagovailoa is 'system quarterback'
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Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel seemingly got very annoyed after a reporter asked him about some people devaluing Tua Tagovailoa's part in the Dolphins' great start to the 2023 season. Through the first six games of the year, the Dolphins are 5-1 and Tagovailoa has thrown for 1,876 yards, 14 touchdowns, and five interceptions.

With 37.2 points per game, the Dolphins are currently leading the NFL in that category. McDaniel is an offensive-minded coach and has very creative ways of putting the Dolphins in a position to put points on the boards. On Wednesday, a reporter asked McDaniel if any quarterback could succeed in this position and with so much offensive talent around.

McDaniel strongly defends Tagovailoa

"I'm about to push this podium over. My answer to that would be who the F cares, because it is a team, we're working together, and I know one thing. I've coached a long time, I haven't seen people do what our guys do.

... To their credit, to their ability and their commitment to their craft. As a teammate, we're all dependent on each other. I'm not in any hurry to prove myself without those guys, because those are part of who we are. To say it's this person or that person is kind of missing the point.

It is a team working together, people working together. Myself, Tyreek Hill, Tua, cool, but what if no one's blocking anyone? You know what I mean? We're all connected in that way. That's why, I think, a lot of the guys ... Tua's success in their success, Tyreek's success, Waddle's, Raheem's etc.

We're all tied together. It's a journey that we're experiencing together," McDaniel said, via CBS Sports. On Sunday Night Football, the Dolphins will be playing against the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles also own a 5-1 record and the Dolphins could make a statement by beating the Eagles on the road.