Rams HC Sean McVay comments on Derion Kendrick's arrest


Rams HC Sean McVay comments on Derion Kendrick's arrest
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Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay says he plans to first "gather all information" before making any decisions or judgments about cornerback Derion Kendrick being arrested on a felony charge of carrying a concealed weapon.

On Sunday, the Rams beat the Arizona Cardinals 26-9. Kendrick, who started that game and all previous five games for the Rams this season, was arrested on Monday. McVay, who has been the head coach for the Rams since 2017, is having to deal with a Ram being arrested for the first time in his stint with the team.

Kendrick is an important player on the Rams defense and the reporters asked McVay how he was going to address the Kendrick arrest.

McVay addresses Kendrick's arrest

“I think the first thing is, in all sincerity, you want to gather the appropriate information before you speak on things without knowing the totality of it all.

And there’s still information we’re gathering. There are still some things that don’t have full clarity and I think once you have that, then you can use these as opportunities to try to be able to educate and see exactly what happens.

But I don’t want to be quick to pass judgment before I know everything. I care about these guys a whole lot. I want to continue to help them make all the right decisions and try to avoid situations like this, but I also know that life isn’t perfect.

I’ve certainly made my mistakes and how can we continuously educate guys on how to avoid these, and then also understand all the layers that are involved in a situation like this before I dive deep into having an opinion and passing judgment," McVay explained, via Pro Football Talk.

McVay was also asked who could replace Kendrick in the starting lineup if the cornerback was not allowed to play in Week 7. McVay mentioned some names but then pumped the brakes and urged everyone to be patient until all the information was known.