Rams HC Sean McVay: Benching Jared Goff against 49ers wasn't considered

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Rams HC Sean McVay: Benching Jared Goff against 49ers wasn't considered

Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay admitted that he took a bit of a different approach when he called out his quarterback Jared Goff after a bad game but he expressed his confidence that the 26-year-old will take it as a man and bounce back.

On Sunday, Goff completed 19-of-31 passes for 198 yards, had zero touchdowns, two interceptions and one fumble as the injury-plagued San Francisco 49ers stunned the Rams 23-20. "I wouldn't say things if I didn't know there was broad shoulders to be able to handle it," McVay said of his comments, adding, per ESPN, "maybe while it was a little bit different approach, I think it was something that was honest that I know he's capable of correcting.

"If anything, I think it's a reflection of the confidence I have, because I can be demanding of him in some of those settings, whether it be publicly or privately with our team." Goff, who was taken at No.

1 in the 2016 NFL draft by the Rams, now has 16 touchdowns on the season against 10 interceptions. "Our quarterback has got to take better care of the football," McVay said tersely after the game. "We're not taking good enough care of the football and that's something that's got to change, otherwise I'm going to continue to sit up here and say this week in and week out.

It just can't continue to happen."

Benching Goff wasn't considered

Goff was struggling to get the Rams offense going against the 49ers but coach McVay said benching the former No. 1 pick wasn't considered.

In Week 8, Goff struggled mightily against the Miami Dolphins as the Rams quarterback had two interceptions and two fumbles in a 28-17 loss. "If I thought it was going to be the best thing to just take a deep breath and step away, then I'd say maybe, but not in either of those situations because both of those reflected kind of having an opportunity where there was enough plays made to get back in it," McVay said.

"So [Sunday], that was never part of the consideration, nor was it really for Miami." After a loss to the 49ers, Goff didn't say much except underlining that he has got to do a better job of protecting the ball.

"It comes down to us executing and ultimately myself executing and taking care of the football and throwing it where it needs to be thrown and being smart with it," Goff noted.