Did Jalen Hurts Channel Dak Prescott? Fans React to QB's Multiple INTs vs. Jets!

Amid soaring expectations, Week 6 delivers a startling twist.

by Faizan Chaudhary
Did Jalen Hurts Channel Dak Prescott? Fans React to QB's Multiple INTs vs. Jets!
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The Philadelphia Eagles, led by quarterback Jalen Hurts, marched into Week 6 as clear favorites against the New York Jets. With a flawless record for the Eagles and the Jets barely managing two wins — especially after losing the four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers — many assumed this would be a routine win for Philadelphia.

However, the unpredictability of football once again reigned supreme. The Jets, resilient and hungry, managed to not only compete but snatch victory from the talons of the Eagles. In a shocking twist, Jets' quarterback Zach Wilson outshone Hurts on the gridiron.

Hurts' Turbulent Ride

Jalen Hurts has been on a roller coaster this season. After securing a lucrative five-year, $255 million contract extension and navigating the Eagles to a Super Bowl LVII berth, expectations were sky-high.

Yet, in this crucial Week 6 matchup, he threw three interceptions against the Jets, with the last one setting up Breece Hall's game-winning touchdown. This performance saw a flurry of fans vent their disappointment. Echoes of "He looked like f***ing Dak Prescott" reverberated through social media, referring to Prescott's three interceptions in the Dallas Cowboys' previous loss to the San Francisco 49ers.

Emmanuel Acho of FS1 didn't mince words either, predicting a media blitz on Hurts, saying, "Jalen Hurts is gonna get that Dak Prescott treatment tomorrow, huh?" The undercurrent of the discussion was clear: Hurts' three interceptions had pushed his season total to seven, overtaking his total from the previous season and making him the NFC quarterback with the most interceptions through Week 6.

Yet, while Hurts and the Eagles' offense struggled, credit must be given to the Jets' defense, led by coach Robert Saleh. This unit has consistently shown its mettle, having previously intercepted Josh Allen three times in their opener and pushing Patrick Mahomes' team to the brink in another game.

The Jets, even without Rodgers, have shown tenacity. With a record now at 3-3, their defense demonstrates that they can indeed contend, challenging the narrative of being underdogs. The Jets might be signaling a potential end to their 12-year playoff drought, and if they continue in this vein, who knows what the season might hold.

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