Magic Johnson Celebrates 24-16 Win 10 Days After Criticizing $6.5 Billion NFL Team


Magic Johnson Celebrates 24-16 Win 10 Days After Criticizing $6.5 Billion NFL Team
Magic Johnson Celebrates 24-16 Win 10 Days After Criticizing $6.5 Billion NFL Team © Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for Global Gaming Expo

Magic Johnson, the 64-year-old basketball legend and entrepreneur, has been an enigmatic figure when it comes to his ownership stakes in sports teams. Known for his candid expressions on social media, Johnson displays a spectrum of emotions that swing between jubilation and ire, contingent on his team's performance.

However, this weekend he had ample reason to celebrate as his NFL team, the Washington Commanders, clinched a hard-fought 24-16 win against the Atlanta Falcons. The five-time NBA champion's online persona is a mix of biting critiques and exuberant praises.

With stakes in both the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Washington Commanders, Johnson makes no effort to mince words. After the Dodgers had a lackluster performance against the Arizona Diamondbacks in the MLB playoffs, he tweeted, “We’re all disappointed that our Dodgers didn’t hit or pitch well.

That’s why we lost the Series to the Diamondbacks!"

Commanders Impress Johnson

This weekend, the narrative took a positive turn. The Washington Commanders not only secured a victory but did so in Atlanta’s home turf, impressing Johnson.

"I want to thank all of the Washington Commanders fans for coming out because they helped will us to victory! We had more fans in Mercedes Benz Stadium than the Falcons!" he proudly tweeted. The business magnate also took a moment to commend the standout performances on his NFL team.

"Defense came up big twice in today's win with two interceptions in the last 5 minutes, one by St. Juste and one by Davis. Coach Rivera really had the team ready to play!” he further added. This laudatory tone contrasts sharply with his sentiments just 10 days ago when the Commanders suffered a demoralizing 40-20 loss to the Cincinnati Bears.

An irate Johnson then tweeted, “Tonight the Commanders played with no intensity or fire. We didn’t compete in the first half... It was too big of a hole to climb out of, and that is why we ended up losing”. With a social media following that hangs onto his every word, Johnson’s recent praises might just be the morale boost the Commanders need for the rest of the season.

With stakes as high as $6.5 billion, the NFL team seems to have escaped Johnson's digital wrath, at least for now, thanks to their hard-earned victory.

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