Skip Bayless Challenges Aaron Rodgers: Claims Jets QB Fears 'Undisputed' Debate


Skip Bayless Challenges Aaron Rodgers: Claims Jets QB Fears 'Undisputed' Debate
Skip Bayless Challenges Aaron Rodgers: Claims Jets QB Fears 'Undisputed' Debate © Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

It's been a while since the National Football League's celebrated quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, donned shoulder pads on the field; his last appearance was in Week 1. However, fans have found a new venue to connect with Rodgers.

Every week, they tune in with unwavering enthusiasm to the Pat McAfee Show, eager to hear from the star quarterback himself. Recently, during an interview with GQ Sports, the notorious sports commentator, Skip Bayless, grabbed the spotlight when Lil Wayne shared his wish list of athletes he'd want to converse with on Bayless' show.

Lil Wayne mused, "I genuinely thought you'd pick Tom [Brady] or MJ. But if you ask me, it'd be the iconic Kobe Bryant. As for the present, Aaron Rodgers would be a great pick." Rather than seizing the moment to discuss possibly having Michael Jordan on the show, Bayless made a sharp remark targeting Rodgers: "I sense Rodgers would be hesitant.

He probably prefers easy-going questions."

Rodgers' Million-Dollar Chat

Rodgers’ appearances on the Pat McAfee Show are not just about the conversations; they come with significant monetary value. As per sources from the New York Post, citing Forbes, Rodgers has raked in over a whopping $1 million for his regular appearances on the show.

This seven-figure paycheck isn't exclusive to him, as renowned Alabama head coach Nick Saban is also reportedly on the payroll. This sets the stage for Bayless. If he's keen on hosting the stellar quarterback, he might have to dig deep into his pockets.

There's a growing speculation that Bayless' recent comments might be a tactical move to lure Rodgers into making a gratis appearance on his show, driven by a mix of competition and emotion. Football aficionados would be thrilled to witness a face-off between a dedicated Tom Brady enthusiast like Bayless and a fierce rival like Rodgers.

In another headline, Rodgers, who has been vocal about his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine, recently dared Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, often dubbed "Mr. Pfizer" owing to his vaccine endorsements, to a public discourse on vaccines and alternative treatments. While the debate is still in its proposal stage, the prospect of such a discussion has the sports community abuzz.

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