Did Jerry Jones Hint at a CeeDee Lamb Conspiracy Like Amari Cooper's?


Did Jerry Jones Hint at a CeeDee Lamb Conspiracy Like Amari Cooper's?
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In Week 5, the Dallas Cowboys, frontlined by CeeDee Lamb, faced a startling defeat at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers. Initially marketed as a landmark NFC clash, it turned into a lopsided game, with the 49ers taking the lead and eventually the win at 42-10.

Despite Lamb's commendable effort, leading the Cowboys with 49 receiving yards, he secured only four catches. San Francisco's resilient defense kept the Cowboys at bay, allowing a mere 197 total yards.

Jerry Jones' Cryptic Lamb Remark

Jon Machota, The Athletic’s Cowboys correspondent, highlighted a statement from Jerry Jones, the Cowboys' owner, during his stint on 105.3 The FAN.

Queried about Lamb's opportunities, Jones remarked, “I don’t know about that. What I want to see is the ball spread around to several WRs/TEs." This candid response stirred the pot on Twitter. One user inferred, “Sounds like CD is about to get the Amari Cooper treatment," while another speculated about Jones's motive, suggesting it was tied to Lamb's impending contract.

Speaking of contracts, Lamb, who signed a four-year deal worth $14.01 million in 2020, is on the final stretch of that agreement. While he is slated to make $2.5 million this year, the Cowboys have already locked him in for 2024 with a $17.9 million fifth-year option.

With a tally of 358 receiving yards out of the Cowboys’ cumulative 1,089 by Week 5, Lamb is indisputably their top receiver. Michael Gallup trails behind with only 180 yards. In context, Amari Cooper, once offered a robust five-year contract of $100 million by the Cowboys, has since transferred to the Cleveland Browns in a trade deal.

With the wide receiver market surging, players like Tyreek Hill command around $30 million annually. Should Lamb continue to showcase his prowess, his agent could eye a deal similar to Hill's or even Davante Adams, who takes home an average of $28 million annually.

With figures such as 935 yards and five touchdowns during his rookie year, followed by 1,102 yards and six touchdowns in 2021, and a stellar performance last season, Lamb is poised for a monumental contract. Thankfully for the Cowboys' loyalists, they have him penned for another season post-2023, offering ample time for what appears to be intricate upcoming contract discussions.

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