Steelers' Cameron Heyward encourages teammates after postponed Ravens game

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Steelers' Cameron Heyward encourages teammates after postponed Ravens game

Pittsburgh Steelers defensive tackle and captain Cameron Heyward gave a speech to his teammate, encouraging to remain in positive spirits and focused on their goal. The Steelers were scheduled to meet the Baltimore Ravens on Thanksgiving but the game was rescheduled for Sunday after multiple players on the Ravens roster tested positive for the coronavirus.

As the outbreak on the Ravens further spread during after Thanksgiving, the game was rescheduled for Tuesday but still it's far from certain the game will take place on Tuesday. The Steelers, who are the only undefeated team in the league with a 10-0 record, were frustrated after they didn't get a chance to play on Thanksgiving.

"This is just a chapter in our book," Heyward told teammates, as revealed on ESPN. "This is something we will be able to write down in the future and hopefully it is along with a Super Bowl, but for this group, we just keep rolling with it.

"We understand that every team is going through something like this. Not to this extent, but we have to be ready for any situation. I think Coach [Mike Tomlin] has laid out the plan. It's up for us to follow it, and it's up for us to bounce back with it."

Heyward enjoyed a short break

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin gave his players a three-day after break following the schedule changes. "I needed it, so I'm not going to complain about it," Heyward said of the days off.

"We had some guys that had nicks and bruises that could use the rest. Whether it is taking care of your body, spending time with family, getting extra preparation, this is a week we can take advantage of it, so I thought we did that."

Meanwhile, Steelers coach Tomlin is confident his players will be ready for the Ravens if they meet on Tuesday. "I'm 100% confident of that," Tomlin said of his team's preparedness and focus. "This group was leaning in on a short week, having an opportunity to be a part of a Thanksgiving prime-time game.

Everybody grew up on football on Thanksgiving. They were excited about being a part of that. I think it's a natural response to be disappointed to lose that opportunity, but that's over. We are getting focused on Tuesday night. Some of our MAC guys are completely comfortable with playing on Tuesday night, so we are excited about it."