Former NFL player arrested in San Diego, suspected of killing his mother


Former NFL player arrested in San Diego, suspected of killing his mother
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The great drama surrounding the search for Sergio Brown, who was suspected of killing his mother, has ended. Former NFL star Sergio Brown was arrested recently and is currently in pre-trial detention. Brown disappeared after the death of his mother, but the police located him and arrested him after several weeks of searching.

This 35-year-old athlete was arrested in San Diego when he was entering America from Mexico. Brown was accidentally spotted partying at a club in Mexico earlier this month, at a time when a warrant was issued for him. He is now awaiting extradition to Maywood, where his 73-year-old mother was found dead under mysterious circumstances.

The very fact that Brown disappeared at the time of his mother's discovery was strange at the beginning, but as time went by there was no information about the whereabouts of this former NFL player on social networks and rumors circulated that he was the killer.

Our site already reported on this case, and at that moment it was not known where Brown was because he did not contact his family or friends, which was enough to suspect him. In the coming period, we will know a little more about this unprecedented case that stirred up the public in the USA but also in the whole world.

It was established that Sergio Braun's mother succumbed to physical injuries

His mother was found dead, her death occurring under mysterious circumstances. According to the American media, Myrtle's body was found on September 16 in a stream that flows near the house where she lived with her son.

It was later determined that she succumbed to the effects of physical blows. To make matters more interesting, the family first reported the disappearance of both Brown and his mother. Sergio Braun played in the NFL for 6 years from 2010 to 2016 where he changed a couple of big teams. During his career, he did not give the impression of a violent person.