Shaq, Curry’s Mom, & Mahomes Boost Fame with Million-Dollar Company

New TV endeavor explores celebrities through parental lenses.

by Nouman Rasool
Shaq, Curry’s Mom, & Mahomes Boost Fame with Million-Dollar Company
© Brett Hemmings/Getty Images for TLA

In an intriguing fusion of sports and entertainment, Lucille O’Neal, mother of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, and Sonya Curry, mother to NBA superstar Stephen Curry, are stepping into the spotlight with a robust new venture in the television industry.

The duo, historically rooted in supporting their successful offspring, are diversifying their impact by navigating a fresh journey, co-hosting a new show, “Raising Fame,” set to air on the prominent African American network, TV One.

Star-Powered TV Venture

Embarking on this enterprise, Lucille and Sonya are not voyaging alone. They're aligned with Los Angeles and NFL icon Patrick Mahomes, establishing a formidable team poised to captivate audiences on a channel that has, like many, witnessed variable attention in the wake of the pandemic.

Whilst channels like “Inside the NBA” have managed to sustain viewer engagement, the upcoming “Raising Fame” seeks to carve out its own niche, offering a unique narrative angle focusing on the parental perspectives behind prolific figures in sports and entertainment.

Reports unveil that this illuminating project will not solely explore the realms of sports but will invite acclaimed musical artists like Nicki Minaj, Lil Nas X, and Billy Porter into the conversation. Yet, despite the star-studded lineup, it’s the inclusion of sports legends - 5-time NBA champion Magic Johnson and 2-time NFL champion Patrick Mahomes - that is set to propel the show into a riveting domain of layered, interpersonal storytelling.

“Raising Fame” strives to delve into an often unexplored narrative, shedding light on the triumphs, trials, and tribulations experienced by the parents behind these renowned celebrities. For Sonya, who has previously guest-starred on the show with her husband, Dell Curry, to discuss their son, this role reversal offers a novel opportunity to guide the dialogue and uncover poignant, relatable stories from her co-hosts and guests alike.

This pivotal initiative by TV One doesn’t merely promise rich content for its viewers but serves as a strategic maneuver aimed at amplifying the network’s net worth and securing a prosperous future amidst the competitive cable network landscape.

The amalgamation of heartwarming parent-centric narratives and star power delivered by Lucille, Sonya, and their celebrated guests certainly positions “Raising Fame” as a show with the potential to not only capture but steadfastly hold the attention of viewers across the nation.

Navigating through this promising initiative, the mothers of NBA legends and their notable guests are set to provide a compelling, nuanced perspective into the worlds of stardom and success, undoubtedly serving as a magnet for viewers and propelling TV One into a luminous future.