Chris Jones: Patrick Mahomes texted me to say he left some money on table for me

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Chris Jones: Patrick Mahomes texted me to say he left some money on table for me

Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones revealed he was texted by Patrick Mahomes after the quarterback signed a new contract as the 2019 Super Bowl MVP was clear: "I left some money on the table for you."

Earlier this month, Mahomes signed a record-breaking 10-year, $503 million deal -- the richest contract in the history of US sports. Jones, who was selected in the second round of the 2016 NFL draft, was also looking to sign a contract extension this offseason after being one of key parts in Chiefs' run to winning this past Super Bowl.

The negotiations between Jones and the Chiefs didn't look good at some point but the two sides eventually managed to agree on a new contract. Just one day before the deadline, it was announced that Jones and the Chiefs agreed on a four-year contract, worth $85 million.

"Me, personally, I kind of had a feeling that a deal was going to get done," Jones said. "When Pat’s deal got done, Pat texted me and said ‘Let’s get this thing done, I left some [money] on the table, let's get this thing done,’ and that's when I had the security that me and the Chiefs were going to work something out."

Jones badly wanted a new deal and he even tweeted that he wouldn't play without a new deal. "Pat’s deal was important," Jones said. "I kind of understood whatever happens happens. For me, I always wanted to be with the Kansas City Chiefs.

It’s not about being the highest-paid player it's about getting what you deserve. But, most important, it's about being patient with the organization."

Jones says no slowing down

Jones led the Chiefs in sacks in each of the last two seasons and now he is determined to continue being a strong force on the defensive side for his team.

"For me, nothing's changed," Jones said. "It's still about being the best I can be. It's still about being the sack leader and being the defensive player of the year. I'm always pushing myself to new heights.

... It's about having a Hall of Fame career, getting a gold jacket. "If somebody told me, 'You could take $20 million or 20 sacks,' I'd take the 20 sacks any day. That's where my mind is, where my heart is: getting sacks, winning championship rings, having fun, enjoying the process.

That's where I'm at right now. I love sacks with a passion. I love pass rushing. I could wake up every day and I could pass rush every day. It's my passion, it's my dream, it's my goal. It's the love of my life."