Buccaneers' Tom Brady: Pretty hard to do what Patrick Mahomes has done

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Buccaneers' Tom Brady: Pretty hard to do what Patrick Mahomes has done

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady dropped a major praise on Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes ahead of their Week 12 matchup, calling the 24-year-old a "terrific player. Mahomes, who won the NFL MVP award in 2018 in his first season as a starter, continued his strong play last season as he led the Chiefs to winning the Super Bowl and was also named the Super Bowl MVP.

Brady, a six-time Super Bowl champion, is considered as one of the greatest ever and it's not a secret that Mahomes has the highest possible standard and he wants to break the records of the Buccaneers quarterback. "He is a terrific player, obviously.

Being league MVP a few years ago 50 touchdowns. It's pretty hard to do. There's not many guys that have done," Brady said of Mahomes, as revealed on B/R Gridiron.

Mahomes also showed his respect for Brady

"He's someone that's a global star," Mahomes said of Brady earlier this week.

"For me, I just try to be myself and go out there every single day and put in the work and try to win football games. All that other stuff kind of comes with it. For me, I just try to be a normal guy and live it up with my teammates and have fun doing it."

Mahomes was aiming to win the NFL MVP and Super Bowl in his first season as a starter but he fell just short in his attempt of leading the Chiefs to the title in his MVP year. In January 2019, the Brady-led Patriots edged out the Chiefs 37-31 in overtime in the AFC Championship Game to progress to the Super Bowl.

Mahomes was disappointed after the game and Brady grabbed the Chiefs quarterback to tell him a few encouraging things. "He just grabbed me after the game," Mahomes said. "I was kind of leaving the stadium, and they had obviously been celebrating going to the Super Bowl.

He just talked about how he respected how I did everything the right way and stuff like that. It's just cool to have a guy of that stature who's won championships it seems like year in and year out that has respect for your game as much as you have respect for his.

It was definitely a cool experience that I was able to know that I was doing things the right way early in my career."