Dak Prescott gets brutally honest on 49ers absolutely destroying Cowboys


Dak Prescott gets brutally honest on 49ers absolutely destroying Cowboys
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Dak Prescott was brutally honest after the Dallas Cowboys got destroyed by the San Francisco 49ers, describing it as "the most humbling loss" of his football career. On Sunday Night Football, the 49ers swept the field with the Cowboys as they claimed a pretty dominant 42-10 win.

After suffering back-to-back losses to the 49ers in the last two playoffs, the Cowboys were publicly speaking about how they wanted to make a statement on Sunday Night Football. But instead, it was a long and embarrassing night for the Cowboys.

Prescott struggled mightily against the 49ers as he went 14-of-24 for 153 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions. For Prescott, the 32-point loss to the 49ers was the heaviest of his NFL career. "Didn't see it coming.

Put everything into it and got punched in the mouth. Called it a couple weeks ago humbling against Arizona, but this may be the most humbling I've ever been a part of. Felt good about the preparation and felt good about everything, honestly, coming into this game, matchups, and they beat us in every aspect," Prescott said, via ESPN.

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Prescott, coach Mike McCarthy honestly address the loss to the 49ers

Prescott wasn't the only Cowboy who was brutally honest as coach McCarthy described the loss as "a punch in the gut." Reflecting on the loss to the 49ers, coach McCarthy admitted that the 49ers were better than the Cowboys in pretty much every aspect.

Also, McCarthy candidly confessed he "did not see this coming." "It's a punch in the gut, it's a kick in the ass, whatever phrase you want to put on it. We've been knocked down, clearly. They beat us in all three phases. We will clearly acknowledge it.

I've never been a burn-the-tape guy. I think that is a crock of s---. We're going to go through it, make sure we're clear on exactly what the expectations are and make sure we're giving the players what they need to be successful.

They played extremely well, and we did not. I thought we had taken a step as a team. I didn't see this coming. I thought the prep was good this week. I thought we had one of our better Friday and Saturdays of the year. But it's like we talked about before: Sometimes you have a great week of preparation and it doesn't go so well.

We did not hit the mark at all," McCarthy said. The Cowboys, who are 3-2, are playing the Los Angeles Chargers on the road in Week 6.

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