Micah Parsons makes pretty stunning claim after Cowboys' demolition loss to 49ers


Micah Parsons makes pretty stunning claim after Cowboys' demolition loss to 49ers
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Micah Parsons doesn't really think that the San Francisco 49ers are a better team than the Dallas Cowboys despite the Cowboys' brutal loss to the 49ers. On Sunday Night Football, the 49ers dismantled the Cowboys with a 42-10 score.

What was expected to highlight Week 5 action, ended up being a pretty one-sided matchup. Following their latest win, the 49ers improved to 5-0 while the Cowboys now sit at 3-2. “I don’t think they’re really a higher level than us.

I think we’re the same caliber playoff team. Same talent, same standards as them. I just feel like we need to really reconsider some things, get together and fix some things. I feel like it was a few plays away. The score don’t really shape what really happened out there," Parsons said after the Cowboys' loss, via NBC Sports Bay Area.

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Parsons doesn't think the 49ers are better than the Cowboys

For the Cowboys, it was a pretty rough night in many ways. 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy threw for four touchdowns and had no interceptions, while Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had one touchdown and three interceptions.

Also, the Cowboys had four turnovers compared to the 49ers' one turnover. In the end, the 49ers finished with more than 200 yards in total offense than the Cowboys. It was a recipe for disaster and that's how the Cowboys ended up losing by 32.

"I just feel like there was nothing that they did, besides us beating ourselves. You look at the third down, I jump offsides, and then they get seven [points] five plays later. I feel like we beat ourselves. Good teams like this, if you beat yourselves it shows in magnitude.

Today, we were the four-turnover team. We were the team that couldn’t get off the field. But I don’t think we’re off the same caliber at all," Parsons said.

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