Patrick Mahomes honestly tells who is to blame for Chiefs WR production struggles


Patrick Mahomes honestly tells who is to blame for Chiefs WR production struggles
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Patrick Mahomes says it's up to him to play better and help his wide receivers get their production up. Through the first four games of the season, the Chiefs are 3-1 but their offense hasn't been playing up to their standard so far.

So far this season, Mahomes has posted eight touchdowns against four interceptions. Also, Mahomes has been averaging 251.5 passing yards per game - which is his career-low. Star tight end Travis Kelce, Mahomes' favorite target, missed one game but he is still leading the team with 17 catches.

Rashee Rice, Chiefs' rookie wideout, is the only wideout on the team who has posted double-digit catches so far this season - he has 10. "I just haven't played very good to start the season, so I think if I start playing better, everybody will start playing better," Mahomes said, via the Chiefs' transcript.

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Mahomes hopes to get his wideouts going

This week, th Chiefs are playing the Minnesota Vikings on the road. Going into the game, Mahomes highlighted that he is planning to play his game and fling the ball whenever he can.

Also, Mahomes has an idea of how he could turn around the situation this week. "You just have to go out there and keep shooting it down the field. That's how I've always been wired. You just come in every single day and work and try to continue to get better and usually that stuff kind of figures itself out.

I've had spots like this in my career where I haven't had the best few weeks in a row and so I have to make sure that I can go back to the fundamentals and try to be better for the team and then rely on other guys to make plays.

I think that's somewhere where I can be better, is just getting the ball out of my hands and let these other guys make plays," Mahomes said.

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